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Applying multiple materials / bitmaps to object
show user profile  Griff
Hi everyone. I signed up to this forum well over a year ago, so this may or may not be my first post!

I'm trying to apply 6 different bitmap images to a cube I have, obviously one on each face. I'm totally lost and have only been able to apply one of the bitmaps to all sides of my cube.

I haven't used 3DS MAX properly in a good many years...

Can anyone provide me with how it's done?
read 807 times
2/15/2011 12:05:56 PM (last edit: 2/15/2011 12:05:56 PM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Collapse the object to an editable poly object, set up the 6 different bitmaps in 6 different materials in the material editor and then select one face, drag the first material onto it, select the next face and drag the next material onto it .etc .etc

note: an edit poly modifier will not allow this, must be editable poly base level.

read 806 times
2/15/2011 12:08:21 PM (last edit: 2/15/2011 12:09:06 PM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
alternatively set material ID in editable poly poly mode for each face and apply a multi/sub object material to the object with 6 sub materials

read 803 times
2/15/2011 12:53:50 PM (last edit: 2/15/2011 12:53:50 PM)
show user profile  Griff
Thanks for this guys. I will give this a go tonight, been super busy of late. I might get a bit lost with the editable poly object part, but setting up the 6 different materials is easy enough. Like I said, I haven't used 3DS MAX consistently in many years.
read 781 times
2/17/2011 10:40:25 PM (last edit: 2/17/2011 10:40:25 PM)
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