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Animation with rendering.
show user profile  Myou
Hello, doing a small animation atm, quite new to this, but learned how the set key works and some of the small things like camera movement etc, but how do i add render options, so that it becomes a video with texture, light etc?

I guess its a simple q. but.
read 720 times
4/7/2008 5:44:42 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 5:44:42 AM)
show user profile  Westcoast13
wow. F1?

My Turbosquid Area

read 707 times
4/7/2008 6:12:57 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 6:12:57 AM)
show user profile  Myou
Don't know if i'm doing anything wrong. I use the make preview in animation, isn't that right?
read 698 times
4/7/2008 7:01:48 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 7:01:48 AM)
show user profile  Philbert
that is wrong.

there are basic tutorials that cover rendering animation.

here is a step by step guide...

from the top menu click the "help" option
select "tutorials" from the drop down to open the tutorials file

Getting Started > Rendering > Rendering an Animation

 Everybody`s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

read 686 times
4/7/2008 7:44:03 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 7:47:39 AM)
show user profile  Myou
Mhhm, ok. :)
read 666 times
4/7/2008 11:41:42 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 11:41:42 AM)
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