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Animation wip
show user profile  digital3ds
Hey guys and gals, I started working on a new animation and I think i'm ready for some much needed crits - I'll be pumping out a lot of work on this in the next couple of months, so any input is very appreciated

I think I want to call the main character finished, only because I have a few more characters to do, and the environment

This is where i think I want to go with the textures for the weapons

and these are all the weapons the main character will be using

here's a little animatic of what the animation will more or less be if anyone's interested

What do you think? Again, any input is always welcome, thx!

- Mike Sawicki

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5/28/2013 10:47:30 AM (last edit: 8/2/2013 8:05:36 AM)
show user profile  donvella
all i will criticize is the staging and the cameras atm. Your models look pretty good.

The camera work is very disorientating - esp at the start. You start with the character on the left - then when he pushes the button hes on the right, then yur behind him and its difficult to see what hes thinking. The camera is well placed for 0.40 i like this. 0.49 (first person death kind of thing) could be used for the kill at 1.19 - add some drama.

Theres more things to go over but I found this article from a friend at work about storyboard for the simpsons. Worth a 10 minute gander me recons.

edit: and for previz those animations are looking good

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5/28/2013 11:50:56 AM (last edit: 5/28/2013 11:54:58 AM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
The previz looks well done although i agree with the above comments, i think it pays to be sparing with camera angles/cuts, there`s some nice shots in there though.

The textures/rendering on the models themselves is bugging me - there seems to be no specular or reflection there at all. I`d suggest throw in an omni set to specular only and use it to tweak the highlights on the models.. Atm it looks like everything is made out of the same material.. It may be that they are deliberately matte to better camouflage them but i think it needs it..

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5/28/2013 12:55:42 PM (last edit: 5/28/2013 12:55:42 PM)
show user profile  LionDebt
Ambitious project! I look forward to seeing it finished mate...

Really liked the pre-viz, same crits as Donvella though - a couple of the shots are confusing or disorienting. But other shots are absolutely awesome :)... Particularly liked 24-30, the corridor and camera pan.

I would change 90 and 91 (when he throws the hologram device) so that we begin looking back at the character from the perspective of where the device lands. Maybe a floor-level camera, that way you can really show off some detail on the hologram ting. As currently it feels a bit disjointed to first see him throw something, then very quickly we see it midair and landing.

Also I would alter the very beginning, it's odd how the simulation starts and there's a dude right infront of him. Have him maybe around a corner or something.

Final crit: Not a massive fan of the overly first-person-shooter/game elements. Especially the "summon rocket launcher" section... Maybe have the rocket launcher in the helipad scene and he uses the hologram device to cause a distraction while he dashes to get it.
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5/28/2013 2:21:22 PM (last edit: 5/28/2013 2:21:22 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
"Ambitious project! I look forward to seeing it finished mate..."

me too :)


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5/28/2013 2:36:13 PM (last edit: 5/28/2013 2:36:13 PM)
show user profile  digital3ds
awesome, thanks guys! noted

there seems to be no specular or reflection there at all. - I've been trying to troubleshoot this... What is the "specular level" equivalent for the a&d material? reflective color? In mudbox i'm getting some nice reflective hits, but in the a&d mat it doesn't seem to want to come through. Also just using sun and sky atm, so that might be a contributor
- Mike Sawicki

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5/28/2013 5:36:03 PM (last edit: 5/28/2013 5:36:03 PM)
show user profile  GirishDJoshi
Looks good. I am not sure if you are going to keep that stop-motion like animation. Otherwise it's fine.

Keep posting.

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Girish Joshi Photography

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5/29/2013 3:24:55 AM (last edit: 5/29/2013 3:24:55 AM)
show user profile  jareu
the first angle where the character is looking down the hall and the camera is positioned to the left,

I'd have the camera close to the hip of the character, looking past him to the enemy, like this:

He who says it cannot be done is interrupting the man doing it.

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5/29/2013 6:10:55 AM (last edit: 5/29/2013 6:10:55 AM)
show user profile  digital3ds
cool, yea, im deff open to interpretation, the more cinematic the better, thanks jareu

@ Girish - nah that's just the first stage animatic; the basic camera shots i want to hit.. end goal is full animation

will be posting the enemies and wpns textures next

[edit] reading and re-reading these maxforums crits has become a crucial part of my workflow, great links and crits, thx again, beers on me ; )
- Mike Sawicki

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5/29/2013 8:46:59 AM (last edit: 5/29/2013 10:03:44 AM)
show user profile  digital3ds
It's been a bit but I finally got time to crack down on this animation. The following pics are in order (more or less) according to the animatic

Scene 01

Scene 02

Scene 03

The scene modeling is finished, and the textures are as well, minus a few that still need to be adjusted like the clean concrete and metal pipes. All of the textures will be final by July 27th.

I also have the first scene animated, right now im working on the vfx for it

I'm still not 100% on the enemy designs tho, I was thinking something simple like this, unless I crack out on them some upcoming weekend

Here's the low poly of the first enemy who get's stabbed, I just need to make a suitable body for him

I finished these a while ago but I rushed them, so I may revist the textures if I have time

The enemy ship is almost finished, I will have it completely done by July 22nd. Here's the concept I drew up one night before I went to bed and what I got out of it

I'll be working pretty hard on this for the next few months, so I'll update it when I feel I've got enough too. I always appreciate suggestions, and I hope you like where I'm going with it

- Mike Sawicki

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7/18/2013 5:24:57 AM (last edit: 7/18/2013 8:04:29 AM)
show user profile  LionDebt
more plz! Looks good man
read 1057 times
7/18/2013 11:32:37 AM (last edit: 7/18/2013 11:32:37 AM)
show user profile  STRAT


read 1046 times
7/18/2013 2:00:12 PM (last edit: 7/18/2013 2:00:12 PM)
show user profile  digital3ds
Thanks LD, thanks Strat! Im working on animations and vfx now, so I'll have some more updates soon : D
- Mike Sawicki

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7/18/2013 8:37:48 PM (last edit: 7/18/2013 9:53:00 PM)
show user profile  GirishDJoshi
The ship looks good.
Can you add more details on the ship, just a thought.

3D ArchVis


Girish Joshi Photography

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7/19/2013 5:20:14 AM (last edit: 7/19/2013 5:20:14 AM)
show user profile  digital3ds
Time for an update!

been stupid busy lately - in my last quarter of school and I'm taking 6 classes a week and trying to finish this animation

I'm into the rendering phase of the project - some of the animations still need final polish, but I do that for each scene the day before I put the scene to render.

@ Girish - I've dirtied it up a bit with some mats, but I took out the scene where the ship was going to be the focus, so it's only in 1 shot now : (

Here are some screen-y grabs from what already rendered / finished

and here's some of the animation

audios getting worked on, and I'll be simming some more fumeFX tonight, after I get some grub in me.

any crits r welcome
- Mike Sawicki

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10/30/2013 12:07:14 AM (last edit: 10/30/2013 12:13:39 AM)
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