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Animating materials
show user profile  roccodiablo
Hi there

I'm rendering out an animation where an LED light goes from off to on by increasing the luminance in the self illumination slot in arch & design materials.

If I render out a single frame it's working properly, but if I render the animation the transition doesn't happen and the lights remain off.

I'm using final gather and tried a several saves of the FG map but to no avail.

Anyone know if there's something I'm missing? The materials are part of a Blend material if that makes any difference.


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10/10/2011 9:18:05 PM (last edit: 10/10/2011 9:18:05 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
you could try animating a blend material?

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10/10/2011 9:32:42 PM (last edit: 10/10/2011 9:32:42 PM)
show user profile  roccodiablo
yeah I'll do that if there's no other option. I've had no bother with those in the past. It's just I've spent a few hours keying in the animation and would rather not do it again!

If no one else has any answers to this I'll start again. It just seems weird that I can render a still at any point along the animation and the lights are on/off at the point they should be - just not when I render the sequence.

Thanks for the reply
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10/10/2011 9:50:12 PM (last edit: 10/10/2011 9:50:12 PM)
show user profile  roccodiablo
ok, I've discovered it's a bug in 2010

back to the start then...
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10/10/2011 10:22:34 PM (last edit: 10/10/2011 10:22:34 PM)
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