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Alternate 3d Package
show user profile  toldaddy
I'm looking into learning an alternate 3d package right now, and am taking a closer look at houdini and just following a couple of tuts, and feel like I'm gonna die just watching this crap...

Is houdini REALLY this slow? Or is this guy just a retard? Viewport seems super choppy, and simulation times seem like they crawl.. Is this just the video capture?

"So....... now....uhh. we are...... going to.....uhhhhh..... go to the parent object......... and select......uhhhh....." ARGH.... fkin' A! Give the man some speed - lets get this going!

read 881 times
4/7/2008 11:21:10 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 11:22:38 AM)
show user profile  tuna
Haha, the guy sounds like Kermit.

"and now let's call this...... hmmm... errrrrrr.. well.. hmmmmm........... ok lets call it as the..."

Yeah it's a pretty bad video, but it doesn't look slow to me - obviously the video is going to be a lower fps because of bandwidth and cpu, also he's doing some fully procedural simulations, which need to be calculated at every frame, so when he plays back a graph calculating a lot of things, dynamically storing info and using that to drive more complex perameters, then the fps will drop as the computation per frame increases.

If you're following tutorials, why not download the apprentice edition and follow along.. Then you can see if it's fast or not on your computer, without the screen capturing going on at the same time.
read 853 times
4/7/2008 11:58:36 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 11:58:36 AM)
show user profile  toldaddy
lol yeah man, dude drives me crazy. I can't get the apprentice version to launch here at work. =\ Don't know what I did wrong, installed it just like I'd install anything else, but the loading screen pops up then nothing happens.

I signed up for the mac beta program, hope they let me test it. I wanted to just get a feel for how it works, but this guy is doing a poor job at showing me an intuitive workflow.

hmm.. next stop: XSI..

[edit] These houdini tuts are freakishly long, and are at least 2/3 of the guy saying UHHH, uuuum aaaand, theeeeen, okay um. What a fekkin retard, it's like he's a noob following tuts out of a manual.

read 844 times
4/7/2008 12:11:41 PM (last edit: 4/7/2008 12:13:55 PM)
show user profile  tuna
What do you want the application to do mainly? General 3D or something more specific, like FX or characters?

I don't think I'd ever want to do general 3D stuff in Houdini personally, and you generally want to avoid XSI if you ever work with particles.
read 838 times
4/7/2008 12:15:26 PM (last edit: 4/7/2008 12:15:26 PM)
show user profile  toldaddy
This is mainly to expand my resume, I'd like to have another 3d ap under my belt, and maya has pretty much lost my interest sense autodesk took over. Houdini really intrigues me with what I see as far as FX goes. I'm just trying to figure out which I should learn that would benefit me most in the long run.

Honestly, I'm feeling kinda resentful toward max right now.

read 824 times
4/7/2008 12:32:44 PM (last edit: 4/7/2008 12:34:03 PM)
show user profile  Phalse
hey max does everything all those other Main apps do if you use the correct plugin.

Why dont you learn ZBrush or Deep Paint instead of another 3d app, or a plugin like fume, Body Paint or speedtree
read 745 times
4/9/2008 2:32:49 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 2:34:20 PM)
show user profile  mattymoose

read 742 times
4/9/2008 2:33:27 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 2:33:27 PM)
show user profile  toldaddy
@Phalse - true 'nuf, but max is lagging, and learning another ap would definitely be beneficial.

@mm - yep - got it right here, I'll put it to the test with a project soon as I know it well enough.

read 735 times
4/9/2008 2:47:54 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 2:47:54 PM)
show user profile  Phalse
how can max be lagging when its the winner?
read 722 times
4/9/2008 2:55:47 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 2:55:47 PM)
show user profile  _3dioot
I would definately suggest learning zbrush (or mudbox). You can use that alongside any package so its never a lost investment to learn it now.

Also if you are interested in a package that is comparative to max/maya i suggest you look into softimage|XSI I am quite impressed (and using) that package myself. But its not easy to learn so if you dont decide to go for it i wouldnt bother.

GrtZ 3dioot
read 717 times
4/9/2008 2:58:46 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 2:58:46 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Winner of what? It certainly takes Gold in the "Pointless and quick releases" category. I still can't believe Max 2009 is available NOW. What the flying f**k Autodesk!?

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 714 times
4/9/2008 2:59:37 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 2:59:37 PM)
show user profile  _3dioot
I wish more people would try different software. Max indeed isnt the end all. In fact in many departments it just blows. The fact its owned by autodesk just makes it worse. For anyone who has been under autodesks wings for a long time using for example autocad nothing that happens now is a suprise. Autodesk is just about making money, as much as possible. If you watch all their decisions in that light it makes perfect sense. Max 2009's "new" features list is a joke. Subscription is a joke (as it is for autocad; coincidence?).

GrtZ 3dioot
read 706 times
4/9/2008 3:07:24 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 3:07:24 PM)
show user profile  toldaddy
sense when is max the winner? I say max is lagging because in 2 releases all we've really seen is MR improvements when at least half the max's users use rendering packages other that MR. When holding up 2009 to max 9 there aren't THAT many advantages.. Hold max 9 up to max 7.. no contest.

I'd really like to try zbrush, actually been waiting to buy a tablet, still saving my nickels and dimes as it seems my company probably won't pick one up.

[edit] *claps for dave & 3dioot*

XSI really has my interest peaked mostly because of HL2. Really impressed with the whole series.. One of the IT guys here has friends that work at valve and says they use maya too, but still.. (off-topic - also says there's only one guy that does all the sound design for the games.)

read 701 times
4/9/2008 3:12:20 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 3:16:55 PM)
show user profile  VKotek
ONE guy for whole of HL and HL2? wow. those games had very good sound effects. very creepy stuff
Vojtech Kotek

read 689 times
4/9/2008 3:34:57 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 3:34:57 PM)
show user profile  toldaddy
Yep, that's what he tells me.. I'll have to check the credits when I get home.. But yeah man, I especially like sound the hunters make. and the sound of the combine soldiers talking/dying. awesome sound design, fits the look perfectly.

read 684 times
4/9/2008 3:36:40 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 3:36:40 PM)
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