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Abrams M1 tank - constraint/limit wheels
show user profile  fiftcz

I've made tank animation using projected plane with conform binding modifier. It works fine until I want to "jump" or ride on heavy rough terrain, when wheels go to unnatural position... It is because wheels follows (linked to) Plane-helpers without any limitation of distance between wheels and tank body.

I'd like to ask, how to limit this distance? I think it might be something like "linked to the body, have position constraint to plane-helper and assigned float limit controller?"...

Video with source tutorials in description is here:

Picture describing the problem:

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12/26/2014 1:22:49 PM (last edit: 12/26/2014 1:22:49 PM)
show user profile  digs
One way is with using wire parameters and some point helpers. Basically you can have a helper controlling the wheel via position constraint - it is constrained once to a point helper being controlled by the conformed plane, and once again to a helper attached to the "arm" - the "jump control" slider controls when you should be on the ground, in the air, or anywhere in-between

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12/26/2014 6:48:18 PM (last edit: 12/26/2014 9:20:06 PM)
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