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3ds Max Rendering Issue
show user profile  theTROLL
I'm setting up a 3ds max Vray animation of Tadao Ando's Church of the Light - when I do a single frame test render and then manually save as a jpeg or tif (overriding the gamma to a 1.0 since the default appears very bright and washed out) it comes out fine (see attachments on this forum: HOWEVER, when I go into render setup and under "Render Output" click on "Save File", to automatically save the file (again using the gamma override of 1.0) it turns out greyish and slightly desaturated (see second attachment at link above). This is the ONLY difference between the two renders... when it automatically saves the render it desaturates it. And since I will have to automatically save the files when I render the animation I need the output to resemble the first image. (The third attachment shows my settings for automatically saving the render). Does it have to do with my Gamma settings (see 4th attachment) or is there some other setting i'm missing?

I've tried everything I can think of and am at a loss.... If anyone has a suggestion I would love some help!

Thanks - Ian
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9/1/2011 11:32:54 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 11:32:54 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Unfortunately, you have to be registered with that site to see the pictures.

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9/1/2011 11:49:34 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 11:49:34 PM)
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