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3ds max to autocad - flatten objects
show user profile  dcny30
I'm told that this can be done in Rhino but is there a way to flatten an object so you see the outline of it and export it into autocad without having to worry about points or vertices going on different axes? For example if I have a chair and I want to export the top view into a dwg file - what would be the most efficient way of doing it? The long way around it is to export the object as dwg, then open in autocad - use 3drotate to get the right view then trace the outline.
read 264 times
1/17/2017 10:21:42 PM (last edit: 1/17/2017 10:21:42 PM)
show user profile  jpedleham
I do this sometimes. Export as DWG, Go into top view in autocad and type FLATTEN
Then click the object and press Y when prompted. then type PURGE and click purge all.
Usually works ok. You might end up with a few lines you need to clean up but we use this at work a fair bit.

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1/18/2017 9:15:05 AM (last edit: 1/18/2017 9:15:05 AM)
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