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3ds Max 2017 Mat Editor Comp Layer Icons
show user profile  McArno
I recently upgraded from max 2016 to 2017, and unfortunately discovered that the composite layer icons in material editor are so small. For example on the image attached, there are texture, falloff and vray color layers, which would usually be easily distinguishable by the square icons, but now they are so tiny that it is impossible to see what each layer contains.

So is this max's default setting or is it my software issue? And is there a way to fix it, besides rollback to a previous version of max?

read 359 times
3/15/2017 9:34:17 PM (last edit: 3/15/2017 9:34:17 PM)
show user profile  donvella
looks correct to me

Heres some of my gripes with 3dsmax 2017 vs 2016 if you are interested (it was in regards to a 3dsmax 2014/2016/2017 post);

"I agree with the above but Ill break down my experience for you

2014 is much faster at creating objects from scratch (like a box), and generally loading 3dsmax... but thats about where it ends (just like any older max version you load really - they seem ultra fast to load up and do general tasks. But 2017s viewport can handle far more data generally speaking without too much slow down.

2016 for me is far more stable than 2017 - less crashing and less strange things that happen - but in my opinion its just an accumulation of 3dsmax problems carrying over from 1 version to the next. I noticed this since they removed reactor years ago to be honest.

I would recommend staying with 2016 for a few reasons;
1. Backburner works (yay!). 2017 I still have to restart twice per day - absolute production killer.
2. Bertrand's recent post about licensing and costs for a 1 man band are intruiging
3. Every odd release has had strange issues for me (2013, 2015, 2017) - just generally have not had a good experience with them

Only reason as a 1 man band I would upgrade to 2016 would be - plugin support and generally more speed. Eg. CG-Source latest multitexture plugin only supports 2015 and up. So I guess soon you will have less options for 3rd party support if you stay with 2014.

my 2 cents

edit: 1 additonal thing that really bugs me in 2017 is ... if you have 2 max scenes open and one is saving, loading, autosaving or crashing - the other max scene will be completely frozen until the first one responds... this is probably my biggest workflow killer"

read 355 times
3/15/2017 11:40:06 PM (last edit: 3/15/2017 11:40:06 PM)
show user profile  McArno
In my personal experience with 2016 vs 2017 so far (have used 2016 about a year and 2017 about a month) the amount of errors, freeze up-s has stayed the same.

And about the several instances of max 2017 open simultaneously, they haven't affected each other during autosave or save. Even errors have gone by like that.
read 338 times
3/16/2017 2:57:28 PM (last edit: 3/16/2017 2:57:28 PM)
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