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3ds Max 2011 Render to Texture size problem
show user profile  seifpic

I was working on a small project and I needed to bake a 'Camera Map Per Pixel' material onto a fairly long object. The problem is the quality loss after using the Render to texture feature in max 2011 after following this tutorial here. I set the size to the largest which is 2048 x 2048. The end render has too much quality loss. However when I manually set the size to anything higher than that, I get an error:
--Runtime error: Bitmap creation failure
And in the Maxscript Listener window:
-- Frame:
-- old_autoBackup_enabled: true
>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Runtime error: Bitmap creation failure <<

How can I achieve a better quality texture map??

Camera Map Per Pixel before Render to texture:

Camera Map Per Pixel after Render to texture:

Texture Map:

Thanks in advance.
read 1307 times
1/2/2012 2:38:17 AM (last edit: 1/2/2012 3:27:25 AM)
show user profile  Garp
As you can see, you're wasting a lot of space.
Re-unwrap the model under a new map channel to use all the uv space, use the new channel to rtt and to apply the map back.

read 1284 times
1/2/2012 3:55:19 AM (last edit: 1/2/2012 3:55:19 AM)
show user profile  seifpic
I'm new to texturing objects and stuff therefore I barely understand how to do what you said. Is there a tutorial about it somewhere? what I've tried to do is using the Unwrap UVW modifier. I pressed edit and then dragged the vertexes to fill the window but now it comes up with pretty nasty results that don't represent the texture in any way but color.

Unwrap UVW window:

Resulting Map:

Resulting Render:

Thanks in advance.
read 1271 times
1/2/2012 4:03:03 PM (last edit: 1/2/2012 4:04:21 PM)
show user profile  Garp
I don't know how to explain this in a few words. You need to learn about texture coordinates and how mapping works.
The tutorials that ship with max should get you started.

read 1253 times
1/2/2012 5:32:23 PM (last edit: 1/2/2012 5:32:23 PM)
show user profile  seifpic

I didn't mean that I didn't know anything about texturing. I just meant that I don't have experience with the render to texture method of baking and I didn't really get what you said to work. I probably misunderstood your reply.
read 1245 times
1/2/2012 6:12:09 PM (last edit: 1/2/2012 6:12:09 PM)
show user profile  Garp
Ah, ok.
Cut your model, say, in three or four. Then unwrap it with a new map channel and try to detach/move/scale the polygons so they cover the entire uv space. Then render to texture using that same map channel. You should get a map that has very little unused space in it and very litlle or no stretching.
Do whatever you have to do with it outside of max, then when you reapply it, use that same map channel again.

read 1223 times
1/2/2012 8:24:12 PM (last edit: 1/2/2012 8:24:12 PM)
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