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3dioot's sketchbook 2014
show user profile  _3dioot
Sketchbook 2014

Goals: much more work including traditional :)


Some ballpoint sketching:

Some figure drawing (its horrid I know, im working on it):

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1/26/2014 5:10:19 PM (last edit: 1/26/2014 5:14:34 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
I like the sculpting, especially like his expression in his eyes. I'd make the horns more angular, chiseled and pointy. Also goat ears would work quite well.

[edit] also pull his cranium (I think it's called; the back of the skull) backwards a whole bunch.
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1/26/2014 6:21:45 PM (last edit: 1/26/2014 6:22:58 PM)
show user profile  _3dioot

Thanks buddy. Demon was a silly doodle inspired by a bunny hence the strange shape of the horns.

All valid points you've made though. If I pick him up again ill certainly take them into account. I totally agree on the cranium too, that said the whole head/body proportion is pretty out of whack now that I look at it. \o/

I started seth's workshop cause it sounded like fun. Here is the first portrait from ref:

Link to seth's first workhshop:


jpEg is not recognized for automatic embedding.. jpg is.. mkay :3 good to remember

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1/27/2014 12:05:50 AM (last edit: 1/27/2014 12:17:06 AM)
show user profile  Setherial
Nice stuff mate

- like the pen and glasses sketch, very clean.

one thing that stands out when I look at your sketches both of the woman and the illustration with glasses and wacom pen is that you make a lot of short lines like you are afraid of doing it wrong. It's a clear tell of beginners/amateuristic work. It's something that automatically goes away with milage but if you are conscious of it you can speed up the process. I heard Feng Zhu say that when they hire people they always ask for line work because it's hard to tell someones experience level from a digital painting as it hides a lot. Linework however doesn't lie, you can immediatly tell what level an artist is from linework. Experienced artists make long confident strokes from the elbow and not from the wrist, these strokes indicate gesture and design much more then detailed form.
One teaching method is to have you draw lines every day as a warmup, parallel lines, lines that cross multiple points, lines that all cross the same point, curves, elipses, etc... It's basicaly building muscle memory and confidence. At a certain point in your growth as an artist you stop caring about the lines because your subconsciousness deals with them and its something you do on autopilot, instead you can focus on what to do with your subject, and that's what it's all about.

- the 3d work is pretty awesome, but I'm sure it can be better if you play with it. This is a great opportunity to take your own 3d work, something you are already good at, and use it as a base ref for drawing. Take the design you have and play with it on paper, sketch it from multiple angles. add ideas, play with the proportions/masses... I believe that's where the real fun starts, it's where I want to be going myself.

- good effort on the workshop, keep at it. If there is renewed interest in the workshops I'' be willing to do a new series this year. You are the 3th person to show an interst but the first to actually jump on board.

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1/27/2014 10:30:01 AM (last edit: 1/27/2014 10:30:01 AM)
show user profile  _3dioot
Thanks Seth!

Linework: Guilty. I am trying to pay attention to it but im finding it hard. Its a combination of confidence and simply not having the skills (yet). I must admit I also wonder how much I can draw from my shoulder if im working on a small sketchpad? That said I am doing the excersizes you mention. I got them from some youtube video's but I was wondering wether they were really useful (the cylinders in the background is one of those). Its great to know I can sometimes doodle silly lines/shapes and still get something out of it if I focus on stroke quality.

3d: thanks and of course i want the 2d to rub of on my 3d and vice versa! :) With that said I am not at a level yet where I feel I can "construct" things in 2d. It is my final goal though to be able to construct. I'm really looking forward to the concept art book you recommended and start on the perspective chapters. Hopefully that will open some doors. I was tempted to buy GB's constructive anatomy too but I saved that one for later.

workshop: Thank you. It was fun to paint in that way. I did another one this evening but i had a harder time with it for some reason. I felt I did not have enough colors and I was just in my own way. I'm using the 80% brush with fixed size (in fact I made one in Krita). Am i supposed to pick colors from the canvas that come from blending or am I supposed to adhere stricly to the four/five colors I choose at the beginning?

While im open to new workshops I still have a few to work through. I am -really- excited about both the limited palette and shadow one. The examples really tickly me. :)

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1/28/2014 12:11:05 AM (last edit: 1/28/2014 12:15:37 AM)
show user profile  Setherial
The size of the pad has little to do with the length of your strokes and the way you put down gesture. When I draw small stuff on lets say an A5 sized page (which I do a lot) I draw most of my lines with a stiff wrist, it's not something I think about I just do it that way and it anables me to draw straigth confident lines.The rotation starts at the elbow so for reasonably short lines they don't visibly arch. It's only when you work very large that and do very long lines that you need to draw from the shoulder. Anyway, I usually only losen up my wrist for very detailed finishing touches, tracing over lines to accent linewidth and rendering fine stuff.
I also don't let my hand touch my page (I keep it lifted in the air), it's something that takes practise but is very important when doing traditional work especially graphite work. It prevents smudging and helps you draw longer straight lines and confident curves.

The most important thing to remember is to simplify form. Don't draw a bunch of small lines when one sweep from point A to B can accomplish the same general shape.

Look up mannequinization on (youtube channel of Ron Lemen has good stuff on the topic as well). This kind of simplification is very important. Don't be tempted to draw muscles, they are details and distractions, the general motion is what you need to draw. Muscles can me added on top of the mannequin.

The 3d thing: shure you can draw this dude from various angles, probably better then I can as you have practiced drawing boxes more then I have. Simplify this dude into 2 box shapes, one for the head and one for the body. They don't have to connect, the head just floats where you want it in relation to the body. Draw these 2 boxes from various camera positions (to use the 3dsmax terminology :).

the workshop: do it however you want, I blend a lot using pen pressure determined opacity, pick colors from my work constantly and simplify texture as much as I can. I demonstrated this somewhere in the workshop thread.
Your color selection is not very pleasing, I strongly suggest you look at this youtube tutorial to help you with that

this will probably change your world :)
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1/28/2014 9:36:24 AM (last edit: 1/28/2014 9:41:15 AM)
show user profile  Setherial
just managed to order a used version of Michael Hampton's book, looks amazing and I've been wanting to buy it for ages but I never found a version in stock that was reasonably priced.

might be of interst to you, together with the works of Bridgman it's probably the must have of figur drawing books.

there's a new one for sale as well (same price) but they didn't ship to my location for some reason. There were two stores with each one used copy and I boght one of those. Still one remaining :)
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1/30/2014 2:40:08 PM (last edit: 1/30/2014 2:40:08 PM)
show user profile  _3dioot
That will teach me to take things too literal. Of course i can draw from my elbow too! :)

I received my new tablet this week with a 12x9 inch active area and I must say, even though I still have to get used to it, I much prefer it over my old A5 wacom. I can also place it at an angle which feels quite relaxed. It allows me to move my hand a lot more freely.

I had my figure drawing session yesterday and the confident lines you speak of, I have trouble making them. We did start with short 5 minutes poses in which I tried to capture the gesture with smooth lines which went "ok" (some actually looked dynamic eventhough proportions were of for pretty much all of them).

For the final pose I ended up working with (shorter) straight lines to find the forms, focusing on angles and corners and soften where needed. I just could not get the curves I wanted with long confident lines. I still feel amazingly clumsy with a real life pencil when trying to draw properly. ^_^

I haven't had much time to draw this week outside of the planned evening. But I am subscribed to proko and will definitely check those video's out. They interest me a lot but I feel I should do more gesture sketches first. Trying to follow the order in which he presents them (somewhat).

Thank you for the vote of confidence in 3d > 2d. I'd love to be able to do that. Its weekend now and I'll give it a shot. :)

I watched the video and experimented with it already with some ref from the painting workshop. The result was horrible proportion wise (it happens) but the colors fitted much better together. Thank you! I did not really have an approach to colors before that video.

As for the approach to the workshop; im still very much trying to find what works. Even down to the painting tools and brushes. Its good to know I can experiment in what works for me. I'm using Krita at the moment and feel I found some brushes that click for me so I plan to do some real "work" this weekend.

Thanks for the book tip. Ill go check it out. :)


Next post will have new work.
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1/31/2014 6:30:35 PM (last edit: 1/31/2014 6:30:35 PM)
show user profile  Setherial
This should help with your sketching

I like how it illustrates how he at first draws the legs as one big shape and how he works the inside as well as the contour. The worst thing to do is just draw contour, don't try to draw poeple as a continuous outline. Feel free to draw lines that make sense but aren't really there like a line between the feet (in perspective) that indicates the angle between the feet, the distance between them and the groundplane. Same for the hands, just draw a line between them. Finding angles between clear landmarks on the body will help you a lot. It helps with proportions and placement within 3d space. I often draw the curve of the spine, it's way more helpful then the outline of the body.
Also simplify form like the guy illustrates, the more you simplify the faster you can draw and the better you can focus on proportion and gesture.
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1/31/2014 8:41:52 PM (last edit: 1/31/2014 8:41:52 PM)
show user profile  _3dioot
Watched that, looks awesome and ridiculously fast.

Seth I feel like I'm trying to run before i can crawl. I was not having fun drawing (more like trying to draw) and felt overwhelmed thinking about everything I need to learn. Kinda been beating myself up over it in the most self destructive way.

I need to have fun drawing or I am not going to make it. I used to have fun with it a long time ago, when I was less self aware, less analytical, less mechanical. I want that feeling back and I am going to take it back.

I've been doodling in that great app your recommended and it feels delicious. The colored pencil especially, I love that one (even though I just use black).

I know I should not focus on learning to draw feature X or Y and trust me, I am taking your advice to heart, but man am I glad I had some fun tonight. I was getting spooked out big time.

Promised next post of mine would have some drawing in it. Here you go.


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2/3/2014 10:26:11 PM (last edit: 2/3/2014 10:29:41 PM)
show user profile  Setherial
join the club bro. I've been drawing for a very long time, drawing, quitting, drawing, quitting, repeat endlessly, waste tons of time feeling frustrated... I only started to enjoy it a few years back and even that changes from day to day, subject to subject, half of the time I'm very frustrated and I hate it. One thing I've learned is to force myself to become more relaxed, I feel the tention in myself rising, this often happens to me while drawing at the academy from life model, I often just walk away for a few minutes, relax, get back at it. That works miracles. I can only draw when I'm relaxed and the more I relax the better my work is.

Variation helps as well, do the irritating stuff but time yourself, don't overdo it and mix it up with stuff you enjoy. For me painting helped a lot. For a long time I told myself that painting was to complicated, to much stuff I had to buy and drag with me everywhere, or that I wasn't good enough at drawing yet to make the next step... Now I realize that switching medium, drawing, doing oils, doing watercolor, digital... can feel like doing something completely different. Which means I can take a break while switching to a differnt medium without actually taking a break from practising art. The more variation the more fun you have and the less of a chore learning will be. I feel bad that I did not realize this 20 years ago but I'm glad I do now and I probably still have 40 years ahead of me to enjoy and explore that realization.

I think people that are really good at drawing are people that can be both very critical, push themselves hard but at the same time enjoy what they are doing and concentrate on it for hours and hours every day. Enjoying it is key but at the same time you need to be hard on yourself. I know a lot of people that think they are good but they will never be because they don't make progress. Most really good artists I've met are all insanly hard on themselves, always wanting to be far better then they are. And it never ends. It's frustrating but it's also what makes us go forward.

good eye study. what app did you use? Did you see the eye study proko did? Some awesome charcoal studies that guy does.
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2/4/2014 9:56:44 AM (last edit: 2/4/2014 9:56:44 AM)
show user profile  Setherial
damn double post, forum is acting up.

PS: finding someone to sketch with on accasion helps you stay motivated. I know that can be difficult if you don't know anyone but for me even just drawing while having a chat in some public place with a friend can keep me relaxed and in the mood.
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2/4/2014 9:57:55 AM (last edit: 2/4/2014 10:11:04 AM)
show user profile  _3dioot
Seth I wrote a whole lot of stuff but it just became a never ending essay so here is the compact version.

Just thank you. You give me hope I can make this work. That yes it sucks now (you have been there) but it can become manageable. Conquerable if you will. I badly need it to. Your realization not only on time wasted but also on the years ahead of you now that you "manage to control it" moved me greatly. I want to create that turning point this year now.

This "art stuff" can be a great boost to my life or put me into depression. I cant allow it to be the latter so it needs to become the former.


I used manga studio 5 (or clip art studio paint as the digital version is being called at the moment). Absolute best buy in forever! Thanks for the recommendation! :) I think I only used the "colored pencil" (has some grain to the stroke) and the eraser. Yes I very much saw proko's videos on the eye. Yes his stuff is ridiculous :) That said it was actually another video that triggered this eye:

Really digged that video and the approach (fits my mind or something despite it being very talky.. lol). It had been a really frustrated evening and for some reason after watching it I just froze the vid and drew the eye.

Thanks for "het hart onder de riem" seth. I know I havent posted much work yet but I am trying. I will brake the barrier.. This will not become a thread like my others! I will fill it with artsy stuff eventually!


Just got a mail my "essentials book set" arrived so I can go pick that up tomorrow! :)
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2/4/2014 9:24:34 PM (last edit: 2/4/2014 9:37:24 PM)
show user profile  herfst1

But good info though.
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2/4/2014 10:29:19 PM (last edit: 2/4/2014 10:29:19 PM)
show user profile  _3dioot

I know I know.. boring shit also
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2/4/2014 11:24:55 PM (last edit: 2/4/2014 11:40:56 PM)
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