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2D Character Face on 3D model...
show user profile  pooferson
How would I go about achieving the effect of having an animate able face on a sphere for my character. Only the eyes are drawn on but I don't want to make them 3D geometry because the eyes are just 2 narrow slits. Any help on achieving this?
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4/4/2008 9:49:28 PM (last edit: 4/4/2008 9:49:28 PM)
show user profile  Dejitarujin
I've been trying to achieve the more complex form of this, seen in many video games. Unfortunately fully animated 2D eyes seem beyond reason for 3D Studio, so game engines must have something special...

However, for just slits, it might be possible. You could try animating the position and rotation of a texture. Also, there's a more complicated method that involves conforming a flat shape to the head so it looks 2D.
Specialty: Non-organic modelling and effects.
Setup: 3D Studio 2010 with finalRender.
Rig: No, no I can't.
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4/4/2008 10:32:58 PM (last edit: 4/4/2008 10:32:58 PM)
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